Can Bee Pollen Help Women With Menopause?

Bee bread has many therapeutic health benefits. Helping menopausal women is one of them.

Bee pollen and menopause is a connection many women probably have never made. But bee pollen has been used the world over as well as other honey bee products like royal jelly, propolis and honey. Its therapeutic health benefits are legendary.

But can bee pollen help with menopause? It is believed it can. Bee pollen is quickly becoming a go-to supplement or superfood as an alternative to hormone treatments.

If you are a woman between the ages of 40 to 50, menopause is right around the corner, if you bee pollen and menopausehaven’t experienced it already.

Bee pollen can level your menopausal symptoms like unexplained fatigue, hot and cold flashes, emotional stress, unexplainable mood swings and even disassociated sentience.

Clearly the side effects of menopause can be troublesome.

Bee Pollen and Menopause: How Can It Help You With Menopause?

First, as a supplement in itself, bee pollen will help as it helps restore nutritional deficiency that plagues modern society. Many simply don’t eat right or they eat too few foods that are proven to help one’s health, i.e., fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.

A byproduct of enhanced nutritional homeostasis is increased energy. That is perhaps the prime function of bee pollen (although there are many other health benefits it possesses). The energy is legitimate too.

It’s not a temporary spike in energy one might experience with eating a sugar-laden food or drink, which temporary spike is facilitated by the pancreas increasing insulin output to deal with the sugar. Its receding is what causes that characteristic lull or drop off when eating sugar-rich foods –unless one is really used to it so that it habituates for a raspberry leaf

Indeed, menopause is inevitable for women advancing in age, but wise supplementation like bee pollen and red raspberry leaf tea can severely mitigate its side effects, for lack of a better word.

This article is not about red raspberry leaf tea, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention its remarkable efficacy. It is almost as if nature or God specifically set aside that herb for women as it has so many female-endemic capabilities — including dealing with menopausal symptoms and changes.

Another side effect of menopause is mood swings and mental fog. Due to its high presence of vitamin B complex and other nutrients, bee pollen is fantastic for lifting that mental fog. It has been reported that it increases concentration, memory, overall alertness, and restores normal emotional and mental functionality.

100%, One-Year Product Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are interested in experimenting with a bee pollen supplement, I recommend getting a product that is pharmaceutical-grade quality. It should also be made and sourced in a pristine region.

Also look for the supplement to be produced in a GMP-compliant facility with standards at least meeting U.S. F.D.A. pharmaceutical standards. A company meeting British Pharmacopoeia standards is ideal.

I actually know of one company that meets that criteria. In spades.

A company in New Zealand meets these standards.

Xtend-Life Bee PollenTheir bee pollen supplement that I use is scientifically formulated containing a number of nutrients and even enzymes. The bee pollen is also harvested in the pristine north west corner of New Zealand’s South Island and is processed in that GMP-compliant manufacturing facility I mentioned is so important.

It truly is a pharmaceutical-grade quality bee pollen supplement. The company is so sure of the product’s quality, they offer a 100% six-month product guarantee!

Now that’s confidence in your product. So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. You can get read more about it here or by clicking on the product graphic.

I hope this bee pollen and menopause web page has been helpful for you.

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