Are Bee Pollen Capsules Better to Supplement With Over Granules?

Get The Full Range of Bee Pollen Health Benefits by Adding Bee Pollen to Your Health Regime.

I‘ve been using bee pollen capsules for over 30 years. The capsules option is one of the options I use in adding this naturally occurring supplement to my health regime.

Bee pollen comes in many forms, granules, tablet form, and of course in capsule form. Which is right or which is best? The answer is this: It’s what you find convenient. Each has their purpose and particular advantages.

Bee Pollen Capsules Core Info

With pollen granules, you have the option to sprinkle the granules into salads, smoothies, shakes, or on other foods.

With bee bread tablets and capsules, you usually get a whole complement of other nutrients that maximize bee pollen’s nutritional valence, like ginseng or royal jelly.bee pollen capsules

Assimilation can also be enhanced by the combination of other nutrients as designed by the vitamin manufacturer.

(This is usually after the biochemist in charge has overseen such nutrient combination, of course.)

With capsules, you can take them at your convenience much like you can tablets with the exception that it doesn’t other nutritional co-factors or ingredients to it.

The capsules are usually made of gelatin or a vegetable base. For purists or vegetarians or vegans, you might want to avoid the gelatin. (Gelatin is a byproduct of animal meat processing.)

You can even make your own capsules. It’s easy. I do this actually, which helps me ensure quality of ingredients as well as ensuring there are no extraneous materials in my capsules. To do so is very inexpensive as well and that’s always nice.

You’ll need a capsule making tool, which you can get at your local health food store for about $10 to $15.

Plus, you will need empty capsules, which are inexpensive as well. My tool makes about 12 at a time, but I can make them fast and easily make 36 to 45 in a single session.

Of course, most people prefer to just get them pre-made, which is certainly understandable. That’s the easiest thing to do, of course. Bee bread capsules are readily available for sale too.

If you prefer taking your bee pollen in capsule form, check out these capsules.

If, you should choose to make your own, then I recommend that you use the best bee bread  granules you can find, granules that have been processed in GMP-compliant facilities.

For those who want to add bee pollen granules to yobee-pollen-capsulesur health regime, I recommend the bee bread granules found here. This will take you to a page that sells a pound of bee bread granules for only $22.67.

Bee Pollen Capsules — Good Options

If, though, a full pound of bee pollen sounds too daunting, and if you prefer not making your own and prefer a good old fashioned bottle of capsules, this option is great — it’s 100 bee pollen capsules (vegetable capsules not gelatin) for only $11.42.

If you are interested in specific bee bread health benefits information, this page isn’t for that. Please go instead to that page, which discusses the specific and extraordinary bee pollen health benefits you should know about.

Bee Pollen Capsules Conclusion

bee pollen capsule bottleFor more info on the one I use, please click on this bee pollen supplement product link. It is the Cadillac of bee bread supplements. The one by Star-West Botanicals (an image of it is to the left), is good for those on a tighter budget, but if you want the absolute best one that I’ve tested, this is the one I recommend.

These are my honest opinions. For more articles on this site, please go here. I sincerely hope this bee pollen capsules webpage has been useful or helpful to you.

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