Bee Pollen Supplements Are Growing in Popularity. Learn Why Here

Honey bee pollen supplements may be just what you need to substantially increase your energy, improve your libido, facilitate weight loss, and equalize your metabolism.

Bee pollen supplements are becoming more and more popular due to their incredible health benefits and as they are relatively inexpensive as well. Bee bread vitamins used to be only for the very health conscious and the esoteric, but no more.

I’ve been taking a just such a honeybee supplement for around 25 years. I used to take it when it was taken orally in its natural form.bee pollen supplements

It has a chalky taste that some don’t like and I was no exception.

Most like me used to tolerate its unique chalky taste inherent to granules until actual honeybee bread supplements came around. Now, there are many options available.

Before I share that info with you, let’s quickly talk for a moment about its core nutrition and health aspects. (To read more helpful articles in this category, go here within this site.)

Bee Pollen Supplements Health Info

Many have questions about honey bread including, but not limited to, the following: why is honeybee bread so great? Why does it have such a sterling reputation? Is it great for athletes? Is it good for non-athletes? Will help my libido? Just how nutritious is it.

Let’s take these one at a time.

Bee bread is great as, among other reasons, because it has every vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant needed to sustain human life.

bee-pollen-jar2Carlson Wade (1978), an expert on it before taking honeybee supplements was chic, wrote that one could live off of 22 grams of its bread in its natural state.

That 22 grams would be a survival diet. Only 30 or so would be necessary to function properly. That’s no much for 30 grams is about a small handful that would fit conveniently in the palm of your hand.

Pharmaceutical Grade Bee Pollen Supplements?

There are some risks to that, though. Modern pharmacological science, while not having all the answers as it likes to pretend it has, has done some good.

Pharmaceutical grade quality bee pollen supplements are what you should take. We’ll get to that.

It has such a great reputation as it’s been used for decades by those in the know to supplement their health. Many health enthusiasts have been looking for years for the holy grail of supplements. If bee pollen is not that holy grail, it is certainly in the top 10.

It’s great for athletes as it gives added endurance to their athletic endeavors (I can testify of this) and it’s great for non-athletes as a health supplement for the modern Western diet is so woefully lacking in nutrition.

(That is one of the reasons why bee bread supplements have flourished, in my opinion.)

Supplementation is no longer an option in this day and age. Getting all your vitamins, minerals, honey beeand antioxidants in one is a very attractive choice for many health enthusiasts. Among the many bread-pollen health benefits yes the rumors are true: it does increase your libido or sex drive.

Honeybee bread nutrition factors are really remarkable. It truly is one of the world’s most perfect supplements or foods (in actuality, it really is a food). Here is a list of some health benefits of it:

  • It is quickly digested and thus gives quick energy while burning fats quickly
  • It’s great for detoxification and for improving your immunity
  • Helps intestinal problems like chronic constipation, diarrhea and it even helps to digest other foods while in the stomach
  • According to doctors Chauvia and Lenormand, it possesses an antibiotic similar to penicillin and thus limits noxious organisms like Salmonella.
  • Helps you to lose weight; it also helps to naturally suppress the human appetite
  • Helps to balance and regulate the general metabolism of the system including the blood and lymph fluids
  • Increases your libido
  • Increases energy, mental alertness and slows down the aging process (most likely due to its abundance of antioxidants)

NOTE: Those with allergies to bee stings shouldn’t take it. It may trigger an allergic or anaphylactic reaction in some people. (I’ve personally heard of this but you never know.) To be safe, if you have an allergy to bees or honey or bee stings, don’t take it. Take ginseng or goji juice instead.

Bee Pollen Supplements Recommended Product

I’ve been using a a honeybee pollen supplement that is made from a company in New Zealand. What makes this particular bee bread better is that it’s made into pharmaceutical grade quality and is certified as so. Why is this significant?

Because this potentiated honeybee bread supplement is made with the strictest standards in a GMP-compliant facility.

It is made with exacting and tremendous purity standards.

Xtend-Life Bee Pollen SupplementsI’ve been using honeybee supplements all my life and the best I’ve found is this company’s that makes it in New Zealand.

They also offer a one-year money-back guarantee to all their products. I’ve been taking their supplements and vitamins for three and a half years now, to be exact.

I’ll leave it for you to decide. If interested, click on this supplement link for more information.

I hope this bee pollen supplements webpage has been useful to you.

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