Freeze Dried Bee Pollen Information You Need to Know

Welcome to this freeze dried bee pollen informational webpage. Bee pollen is one of nature’s superfoods but if it isn’t properly prepared, its nutritional virtues could be severely compromised.

That is why free dried bee pollen is so important to know about.

In the United States, supplements are not regulated by the F.D.A., which I actually think is a good thing for the U.S. government is astonishingly inept.

Not that no government is desirable for without order you have anarchy. I’m simply saying the F.D.A. wants to control supplements and supplement companies in America in order to squelch their product development in favor of pharmaceutical companies.

Freeze Dried Bee Pollen

The downside of having the government not completely controlling supplement manufacturing is that less than quality supplements are produced at times.

You really have to know what you’re doing and be more informed so as to be a smart shopper.

That is why quallity, pharmaceutical-grade quality supplements are so important and so superior to the run-of-the-mill vitamins you find at a supermarket and even in most health food stores.

Bee pollen is harvested in many different ways by a apiarist or apiculturist. They are also preserved in many different ways as well.

High-quality, fresh bee pollen should have a distinct yellowish color and the granules themselves should be soft and pliable. They should not be pasteurized or heat treated either. It happens, though.

Let’s talk now quickly about the core elements of freeze-dried bee pollen your bee pollen supplement should have.

Preservation of Ingredients With Freeze Dried Bee Pollen

The quality of your bee pollen supplement, whether it’s granules or capsules, starts with how well the bee pollen’s nutrients are preserved at the source. Good practices in collecting, blending, and processing contribute to the preservation.

Moreover, freezing pollen as soon as it’s collected or very shortly thereafter is ideal. A product that has undergone high-temperature processing inevitably leads to results deterioration of nutrients and loss of enzymatic activity — thus the nutritional value of the bee pollen.

And you can prevent mold spores from growing before proper blending or encapsulation.

How Can I Tell If I have Quality Granules? How Should It Taste? Does Freeze Dried Bee Pollen Taste Weird?

I don’t personally like how bee pollen tastes. It should, though, have a distinctive chalky taste. Some like that taste, some don’t. It should also smell and taste “flowery.” The granules should also be soft and pliable.

The hard shell of the pollen actually needs to be softened in order for the nutrients to be released. That is ideal.

Freeze drying bee pollen is therefore ideal.

Storing bee pollen granules is easy too. Just put it in the refrigerator. Freeze drying bee pollen granules, though, will cause them to lose some water content, which is miniscule but verifiable, and this alone will extend shelf life.

I personally always put my bee pollen granules and the capsule version I prefer in the refrigerator just in case.

Quality of Freeze Dried Bee Pollen

Research studies have shown that beehive supplement products and honey can become contaminated with pesticides, pollutants, heavy metals, environmental pollutants and herbicides. In truth, bees are fairly sensitive to pollutants as has been chronicled in the U.S. news in the recent past.

Sourcing of the bee pollen is important.

freeze dried bee pollen granulesThe place where I get my bee pollen supplement is sourced in the north west corner of the south island of New Zealand. It’s right near a national park.

New Zealand is also sparsely populated with literally more sheep on the islands than people! (A friend of mine who lived there for a while told me that.)

Consequently, the islands are very pristine. The flowers that produce the pollen and the bees that harvest it are in a state with literally almost no environmental contaminants.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the bee pollen supplements (and other supplements) produced from this New Zealand-based company are of the highest quality. In addition, according to C. Leigh Broadhurst, Ph.D. (2005) said, “New Zealand’s manuka honey is an example of a floral honey that is considered superior for medicinal use” (p. 13, 14).

The New Zealand honey and bee pollen’s pristine quality go hand in hand.

So, you want freeze-dried bee pollen. This prevents the pollen’s nutrients from oxidizing and it preserves the nutritional purity. To sum up, avoid heat-treated, artificially processed bee pollen or supplements derived from such bee pollen.

Look for bee pollen supplements that are produced in a pristine environment and look for the supplement to be produced in a GMP-compliant facility with standards at least meeting U.S. F.D.A. pharmaceutical standards.

A company meeting British Pharmacopoeia standards is ideal.

I actually know of one company that meets that criteria. In spades.

100%, One-Year Product Satisfaction Guarantee

Xtend-Life Bee PollenThe bee pollen supplement I use is scientifically formulated containing a number of nutrients and even enzymes. The bee pollen is also harvested in the pristine north west corner of New Zealand’s South Island and is processed in a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility.

It is pharmaceutical-grade quality bee pollen supplement. The company is so sure of the product’s quality, they offer a 100% six-month product guarantee!

Now that’s confidence in your product. So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. You can get read more about it on this page here or by clicking on the product graphic.

I hope this short web page has been helpful for you.

Broadhurst, C. Leigh. (2005). User’s guide to propolis, royal jelly, honey, and bee pollen. CA: Basic Health Publications, Inc. Freeze Dried Bee Pollen.

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