A Comprehensive Review on Xtend-Life Natural Energy With NZ Bee Pollen

Xtend-Life Natural Energy with NZ Bee Pollen Review. An unbiased bee bread supplement review.

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

I have been using the Xtend-Life Bee Pollen supplement for over 10 years now, and I’ve been using bee pollen as a supplement since 1982.

I’ve also probably read and studied more about bee pollen than any herb, vitamin product, supplement, or health topic as well.

Therefore, I believe I can give you a quick, to-the-point, non-biased review of this product.

I first started taking bee pollen in the spring of 1982 as a young boy. I had the good fortune at that time to meet and become friends with a master herbalist.

He owned a health food store in Logan, Utah and he invited me to work for him (that’s why I remember the exact time when I started taking bee pollen).bee pollen capsules

He had a massive amount in a large glass jar from which he would periodically throughout the day grab a very small handful and pop them into his mouth.

I tried that but didn’t like it as bee pollen has a chalky taste that I immediately disliked.

So, I experimented with different ways of taking it. My favorite method is to add a good teaspoon to ginseng tea along with a generous amount of honey. It’s satisfying and gives an avalanche of energy.

The earthy-tasting yet delicious flavoring of ginseng coupled with the sweetness of honey masked the taste of the bee pollen but not enough. It was — and is — my favorite herbal tea and homemade energy drink that I still drink to this day.

I’ve never liked the taste of bee pollen, though, and so I constantly looked for a good bee pollen supplement. Through the years I’ve taken a number of different bee pollen capsule products from many different vendors and can tell you from experience some are not very high quality.

Truly there is something to be said for quality and for the environment from which the bee pollen is taken from and the facilities in which the supplement is made — that’s an important key. (For more core articles on this site, go here.)

Xtend-Life Bee Pollen: What to Look For

Xtend-Life has their manufacturing facilities in Christchurch, New Zealand. These facilities are cGMP-compliant (current good manufacturing practices) with their equipment being state of the art.

Their standards with which they adhere to exceed that of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Their herbal extraction standards actually exceed those set down by the British Pharmacopoeia. To be short, the British Pharmacopoeia standards are a collection of standards for the United Kingdom medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances.

bee6The pharmacopoeia standards laid down by the agency are distilled by the standard “British Pharmacopoeia” for the United Kingdom with its setting of publicly available standards for the quality of medicines.

This is truly remarkable for a supplement company. In the United States, supplements are not overseen by the FDA and as such companies have much more leeway with their manufacturing standards.

Thus, Xtend Life products, the Xtend-Life Natural Energy product included, can rightly be called pharmaceutical grade quality and/or nutraceutical supplements.

That is what you want: supplements made with the highest standards and an absolute guarantee of performance.

What’s Included With The Xtend-Life Bee Pollen? What Am I Getting?

Let’s go over some of the supplement facts that the product has. Each capsule in a bottle of the Xtend Life Natural Energy product has not only bee pollen but a synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals that from my experience seem to work really well.

I really noticed the effects when I first started taking it.

Xtend Life’s marketing says that their bee pollen supplement product is a “preferred boost of energy” and not meant to be a health tonic, but from my experience it does give energy that’s noticeable.

That burst of energy is understandable considering the full complement of the B-vitamin complex bee pollen natively has.

However, the supplement also has other ingredients and vitamins, minerals, enzymes and co-factors aside from bee pollen’s native comprehensive nutritional profile. See the label below here:

xtend-life natural energy label

The capsules themselves seem to be gelatin based instead of vegetable based, which is important to some as gelatin is derived from the collagen of animals. Nevertheless, to vegetarian purists, that may be something to consider.

That notwithstanding, it is a relatively small and insignificant amount.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

The price for one bottle is $27.50 for 90 capsules of bee pollen. As the recommended daily dosage is three per day, this is a month’s supply.

One other nice element of the purchase experience with Xtend Life is that they give free worldwide shipping for orders over $60 USD. (If that figure isn’t hit with the raw purchase price, shipping per order is only $6.50, which isn’t bad. There is also no state sales tax levied as the product ships from New Zealand.)

Does The Xtend-Life Bee Pollen Product Have a Guarantee?

Yes, it does, actually. The Xtend Life Natural Life bee pollen supplement comes with a full 100%, one-year complete money-back guarantee.

Very few companies will offer such a guarantee unless they are absolutely certain as to the effectiveness of their product line.

That seems to be the case here. Their guarantee is based upon their confidence in their product, which confidence comes from their stringent manufacturing processes in GMP-compliant facilities as preceded by significant clinical research. You can see the list a company has to adhere at this site: http://www.auditing.com/audit_checklist_for_GMP.htm.

In other words, that clinical research is directly connected to Xtend-Life’s one-year guarantee.

In terms of actual product usage, the company guarantees that 80% of the nutrients of the guarantee2capsules will be assimilated by the body.

That 80% figure may be odd to you so let’s go a little deeper.

The vast majority of vitamin supplements of various kinds, including specialty vitamin supplements like bee pollen, have a drastically lower rate of assimilation.

Why is that?

It’s because the bio-delivery system of most vitamin supplements, bee pollen ones included, 1) prohibits the nutrients from passing through the harsh digestive environment of the stomach and actually surviving passage into the duodenum and from there into the bloodstream and 2) the nutrients are not able to be assimilated of themselves.

Here’s a simple test. Have you ever taken a vitamin supplement and with the first urination after the ingestion of the vitamin tablet(s) noticed how your urine had immediately gone a darker yellow hue?

It’s because your body either 1) couldn’t assimilate them and thus had to eliminate them or 2) the nutrients weren’t able to withstand the digestive breakdown in the stomach and thus were eliminated.

Either way, you lose the efficacy of the vitamin and your money is in a quasi-literal sense flushed down the toilet.

That is why an 80% assimilation rate for Xtend-Life supplements is so incredible. That percentage figure is not arbitrarily given by the marketing department — it’s been proven by laboratory tests.

Now you can see why the company is happy to offer a one-year full money-back guarantee on all their products — their bee pollen supplement included.

Plus, as mentioned, Xtend-Life provides free worldwide shipping for all orders over $60, and only charge $6.50 for orders under that.

That’s a real plus, too.

You can get more information on Xtend-Life’s bee pollen supplement product by clicking here.

Consumer Reviews — Any Customer Complaints?

From what I’ve been able to find via my research, the answer is, “No, there are not many complaints that I can find.” As Xtend Life is a private company, they keep their financial information and other business nuances out of the public domain. However, the company does have quite a few testimonials they receive through their blog.

In order to see the reviews and testimonials, you can see them via their website. When you go to the Xtend-Life website, you will see at the top of your screen a “Quick Finder” option, which will allow you to quickly navigate their site for more information on their various products (see the graphic below).


About two-thirds the way down the list, you will see an item for “Natural Energy.” This is the Xtend Life Natural Energy With NZ Bee Pollen product.


Once you’ve clicked the option “Natural Energy,” you will come to the Xtend-Life bee pollen supplement product page. Once there, click on the “Customer Comments” tab where you will see a number of customer comments and testimonials. It’s in the middle of the page essentially.

Customer Reviews

I’ve received a few personal testimonials via this site as well. Here are a few testimonials from their page as well as ones that I’ve received.

I am very happy with your products. I attribute my not getting the flu and colds that everyone around me has gotten in the last 4 months to taking your Natural Energy with Bee Pollen.
Vera A, USA

I am very pleased with my first order, which was Natural Energy with NZ Bee Pollen – this product greatly exceeded my initial expectations and I already feel much more energetic than before.
Filip K, Bulgaria

I feel more energetic and happier, having eaten 10g of organic bee pollen daily for twelve weeks, and I attribute this to the large amounts of B vitamins in it. Eating bee pollen, and being intolerant to gluten and lactose, I can avoid having to eat bread and milk, which is the usual source of B Vitamins. Bee pollen is definitely a health tonic.
From YouTube – KratzenbourgTV, Nov. 5, 2011.

I know this is odd but since I’ve been taking Xtend Life’s bee pollen capsules, my sexual pleasure has been heightened. Orgasms are “sweeter” and more intense. That was a real surprise! I also noticed more energy for later in the day, which is the main reason why I decided to try it out.
Anonymous by author request, Jan. 2011.

Where Can I Buy It?

Xtend-Life Bee PollenYou can purchase the Xtend-Life bee pollen supplement online only. You can purchase it here or by clicking on the graphic image immediately to the left of this sentence.

This is a top-quality product produced in FDA-registered and GMP-compliant facilities — Xtend-Life’s own such facility (they own their own manufacturing plant and laboratory). Whatever bee pollen product you get, this one should be in the conversation as it’s among the very best in the world. I sincerely hope this review of the  Xtend-Life Bee Pollen product on this web page has been useful to you.

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